About Our Golf Course: Memberships, Leagues, Green Fees and Rentals

Meadowlands Golf & Country Club offers a very attractive membership package that allows advance bookings, BCGA handicapping, men’s and ladies’ clubs, as well as tournaments and matches with other courses. Please contact us for further information.


Full Play Member:

  • Unlimited golf, 7 days a week
  • 7 days advanced bookings
  • RCGA handicapping (administered by Meadowlands Society)
  • Men’s and ladies’ clubs
  • Discounted rates for golf cart rentals
  • Discounted rates for guest green fee
  • Discounted rates member owned cart trackage
  • Discounted rates for yearly cart rental
  • Discount on golf shop purchases (excluding golf balls)
  • Reciprocal agreement with other golf courses

Limited Play Member:

  • All the privileges above except restricted to Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

Full Play (Unlimited Golfing Privileges)

  • Men: $1,396.50
  • Ladies: $1275.75
  • Husband and wife: $2,482.20
  • GST Included

Limited Play (Weekdays Golfing Privileges except for Holidays)

  • Men: $1,134.00
  • Ladies: $1,060.50 
  • Husband and wife: $2,052.75
  • Gst Included

Limited Play – Special Membership (Weekdays Golfing Privileges except for Holidays)

  • Senior men or women – 60 years plus: $908.25
  • Student – university or college: $908.25
  • Junior – 18 years and younger: $315.00
  • Mid-week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: $756.00

Note: All prices are subject to applicable federal tax.

Golf Leagues
At Meadowlands Golf & Country Club, there is a league for all golfers. Leagues are for 9 holes or for 18 holes.
Evening league tee times start between 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM.
Morning league tee times start at 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
The season starts early April and runs through the end of September
If you have any questions or require details do not hesitate to contact the pro shop at 604-792-2276.

Everyone Is Welcome to Join!!!
League Options:

Tuesday morning ladies’ league – from 9:00 AM
Wednesday evening ladies’ league – from 12:00 PM
Thursday men’s day league – from 8:00 AM
Friday morning men’s senior league – from 8:30 AM

2019 Green Fees and Rentals

2019 Green Fee Rates

April 1 - October 31, 201918 Holes9 Holes

Weekdays – Except Holidays



Weekends & Holidays


Special Rates

Weekdays – Except Holidays18 Holes9 Holes





Weekends & Holidays

Some restrictions apply on special junior and senior rates on weekends and holidays. Tax is not included.

Twilight Rate

After 2 PM

18 Holes

9 Holes

Weekdays – Except Holidays



Weekends & Holidays


Tax  included.

Cart and Club Rental Rates

Power Cart

9 Holes


18 Holes$31.36
Pull Cart9 Holes$3.70

18 Holes

Club RentalHalf-Set$11.20Full-Set$22.40

Tax  included.

Our History

Our storied golf course dates back over 90 years

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